Race entry 2017

The ehm race is open to anyone, man or woman, who was born before or in 1997. The organization will ensure all runners with an elementary insurance. Independent of what is offered, runners may have a private insurance.

Participants who wish to enter the 2017 edition of the ehunmilak race can register in the website or , after the 3rd November, 2016 at 17:00. This is the only way to enter to one of the three races. A free user account registration is required in the website. The method of payment will be by credit card.

There will be a period of 72 hours to order the payment. Once this period is over, registrations will be cancelled automatically.

The maximum of entrants is 515.

Teams for the ehm race will be made up of three competitors. Team members will register individually and must fill in the name of the team in the appropriate box. The three team members must register on the same day.

In order to complete the enrollment , the runner must submit an official valid medical certificate, according to the template provided by the organisation, along with a resting electrocardiogram before the 7th of June, 2017. Both documents must be submitted through a link that will be enabled for such purpose on or by e-mail ( Only the certificate template provided by the organisation will be accepted. It will be available for download at

The medical certificate and the electrocardiogram must be valid for a maximum of one year before the race start date. Both documents must be signed and stamped by a doctor, with their name and license number clearly indicated.

Deadline for entries is the 7th June of 2017.

Registration includes:

  • Entrance to the race
  • Accident insurance
  • Public liability insurance
  • Medical assistance during the race
  • Massage therapist service during and after the race
  • Gift from Ternua(the official clothing sponsor)
  • Food and drinks aid stations
  • Shower facilities (Tolosa, Etzegarate and the finish-line, Beasain)
  • Free bus service for runners: along the route and from the finish-line to the showers (Antzizar Sports Centre)
  • Free bus service for friends and family along the route
  • Plastic drop bags to carry the runner’s equipment to the different points along the course, to be defined by the organisation
  • A string bag for any waste
  • Booklet with information about the race and the profile
  • Road Book
  • Geo-tracking system
  • Electronic chip timing: 17 check points
  • A plastic beaker
  • 200 free parking places near the start line

A finisher gift will be given to those runners who complete the race within the time window set by the organization committee.


Date ehunmilak
From 03/11/2016 to 09/02/2017 137 €
From 10/02/2017 to 06/04/2017 152 €
From 07/04/2017 to 07/06/2017 172 €


At the time the runner finalises his/her entry to the race, a cancellation insurance will be offered at a cost of 10 €. If taken, this amount will be added to the entry fee. (see articles 9 and 10 in the official rules)