Personal data protection

We want to inform you that in accordance with the Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13thon Personal Data Protection, information obtained from your application will be recorded and will be the responsibility of Beasaingo Arrastaka Mendi Kirol Taldea. The record will be registered with the Basque Data Protection Agency which has all the necessary security measures to guaranty complete data security.

Furthermore, the information from all applications implies that the applicant has been informed and gives their consent to have their data recorded Access to the personal data, and any requests for modifications or deletion under the terms established by the Law mentioned above, must be done in writing to Beasaingo Arrastaka Mendi Kirol Taldea, CL IGARTZA OLETA P. ANTZIZAR 3, 20200 Beasain, including the following information: name, address, modification, date, signature and name of the record.

The person requesting modifications is required to ensure the personal information given is true and correct and that any information that could be used against them has not been omitted or altered, incorrect or omission of data will make it impossible to properly provide

this service.