The first cut of enrolments of ehunmilak Ultra-Trail® (ehm), goierriko bi haundiak trail (g2h) and marimurumendi maratón (mmm) was done last Thursday with 1000 runners enrolled. The second period of enrolment will remain opened until the 6th of April.
So everyone who wants to take advantage of the discount prize at the moment of registering the races will have the opportunity until the 6th of April, Thursday, as the last day to formalize the enrolment. The edition this year will be during the 7th, 8th and 9th of July.

The enrolments full in g2h and mmm races

Enrolments for the eight edition of g2h and mmm have already been completed. As an example of it: the 515 enrolments for the goierriko 2 haundiak (88km) race were completed in 28 hours and the 265 enrolments of the marimurumendi marathon (42km) were completed in a months’ time. Since then, there is a waiting list opened for these 2 races.

Option to take part by teams in Ehunmilak Ultra-Trail®

We want to remind to all the runners and interested people, that you can enrol in our principal race, ehunmilak Ultra-Trail® (168km). 314 runners have been enrolled in the first period, so there is a chance to take part in this race until the maximum number of enrollments (515). The runners of this race have the opportunity to run in 2 different categories: individually or by teams. If you are interested in taking part as a team made up of 3 runners, please inform to the organization the names of the 3 runners by mail as soon as possible.

Deliveration of the medical report

In order to complete the enrolment in any of our 3 races during this second period, it´s compulsory to deliver by mail the exclusive medical and fitness report of ehunmilak to the organisation before the 6th April. From 6th April on, incomplete enrolments will be automatically cancelled and the registration fees will not be refunded.

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