In order to complete the enrolments for any of the three races, the runner must submit an official valid medical report, according to the template provided by the organisation, along with a resting electrocardiogram. Both documents must be submitted through a link that will be enabled for such purpose on or by e-mail ( Only the report template provided by the organisation will be accepted. It will be available for download at

The medical report and the electrocardiogram must be valid for a maximum of one year before the race start date. Both documents must be signed and stamped by a doctor, with their name and license number clearly indicated.

The deadline for submitting these documents will depend on the registration date, as indicated in the following table. If they are not received before the corresponding date, the enrolment will be automatically cancelled, and the registration fees will not be refunded.


Registration date

Deadline for medical report and electrocardiogram submission

03/11/2016 – 09/02/2017 09/02/2017
10/02/2017 – 06/04/2017 06/04/2017
07/04/2017 – 07/06/2017 07/06/2017