The Basque One Hundred Miles reach 7th edition


7th. Edition for races “Ehunmilak” “Goierriko 2 haundiak” and “MariMurumendiMaraton” to be held on July 8th to 10th

The 7th edition of the prestigious Ehunmilak, the basque One Hundred Miles ultra trail is on its way. Following the great growth in 2015, with entries sold out and great media coverage in Spain and Europe as the oficial Basque Ultra Championship, entries for 2016 will open tomorrow Thursday 5th November at 17H (GMT)

There will be a grand total of 1.250 bibs available,to choose from the three sister races: 500 for the extremely challenging Ehunmilak-168km, another 500 for the tough Goierriko2Haundiak-88km and the last 250 the gorgeous MariMurumendi.Alpine Marathon

All races offer beatitul scenery through the charming hills and forests of the Basque highlands, including trail Running global iconic summits of Txindoki and Aizkorri. Yet, it is for the Basque aficionados that Runners come and return once and again, as their love of the sport and encouragement propel each and every runner through a unique experience.

Entries are to be made thrpugh the official site, available here in english,french, spanish and basqque languages:

As usual, Ehunmilak 2016 will once again be qualifying race both for UTMB and Hardrock


For UTMB 2017: Ehunmilak-168k delivers 6 points; Goierriko2Haundiak-88k 4 points.

For Hardrock: Follow specific HR100 guidelines .

Some hard data regarding Ehunmilak 2016:

  • The race course for “Ehunmilak” offers 168 Km.and a positive ascent of 11.000m. Hence, it is a tougher challenge to take on for UTMB finishers

  • “Goierriko bi Haundiak”, offers 88 Km. and a total of 6.000m positive Climb. Superb balance between toughness and course beauty.

  • “MariMurumendi” alpine maratón offers a fast course to enjoy along its 42km and positive ascent of 2.300 meters along the Basque Highlands of Beasaín.

  • Over a thousand volunteers will work non-stop to ensure that each and every runner goes home with a smile and fond memories of the race, as it takes them trough all of Gipuzkoa.

  • The scenery is unique, with two natural parks as backbone of the race, those of the iconic basque trail running summits of Txindoki (1.346m) y Aizkorri (1.528m).

Beasain, November 3rd 2015

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