The most internatioal mountain race trilogy so far”

  • Goierriko 2 Haundiak, the 88km race, sold out all entries once again
  • MariMurumendi Marathon also sells out, and will be part of the oficial Basque Mountain races series

  • The Basque Highlands región of Goierri is all set to welcoe the 1.110 runners,, together with Friends and family.

presentación aurkezpena


Entries were already sold out months ago for the “human” races of the event: The Mari Murumendi Marathon (42km) and Goierriko 2 Haundiak (88km), plus more than 350 braves are also enrolled in the radical Basque Hundred Miles of Ehunmilak Ultra Trail for its seventh edition. The event poses a major organizational challenge, as it involves over 1500 volunteers, supporting over1,100 runners from 17 countries and their companions, no easy task.

In the words of Mikel Valdivielso, the race director: “For this Ehunmilak 7th Edition”, once again we shall focus upon delivering a very special attention to each and every runner, as we believe it to the key to the spirir of all our three races. And also the reason why this 2016 we have reached a participation recod. Staying true to that high standard of services and enthusiasm for every runner is the greatest motivation for the organization.

The presentation was held last week at the Igartza Palace at Beasain, on a joint act with race collaborators and sponsors. All the organization members showed joy and enthusiasm, as Ehunmilak continues to grow steadily.

According to director Niko Osinalde Goitur (local tourist agency) Ehunmilak is a great reference for sports tourism. The implementation of the trail station that services runners to discover and enhoy the natural parks of Aralar and Aizkorri-Aratz is now expected to set a new benchmark in Europe.

Aitor Aldasoro as major of Beasain, emphasized his pride representing both the región of Goierri and the town of Beasain in an event like this were so many members of the local community give time and passion to make visitors feel most welcome, something to be highly proud of

As Ternua spokesperson, Rikardo Idiakez stated that sponsoring Ehunmilak one more year involves the main challenge in mountain running throught the year and shows commitment to the local spirit for a Brand born and raised but a few miles from the start and finish line of Ehunmilak.
The presentation table was chaired by Rikardo Idiakez (communications director Ternua), Niko Osinalde (director of Goitur), Aitor Aldasoro (Major of Beasain), Mikel Valdivielso (director of Ehunmilak) and Aimar Lizarazu (committee member mountain races of the Basque mountain Federation).

The event: Three big mountain races, with 42km – 88km – 168km.

The little sister of the trilogy, the Marimurumendi mountain marathon (42 km and 2300 meters of positive slope), in his second full edition the registered quota. This year will go for the cup races mountain of Euskal Herria and be held on Sunday July 10.

As in previous editions continue to pull the Ehunmilak lot Ultra-Trail® (168km and 11,000 meters of positive slope) and Goierriko 2 Haundiak trail (88km and 6500 meters positive). These tests will begin on Friday (Ehunmilak 18:00 23:00 Haundiak Goierriko 2).

The seventh edition will be held next week, on 8, 9 and 10 July in Beasain (Guipuzcoa). The three races will depart and end in the square of Beasain.

Data and numbers

• Ultra-Trail® Ehunmilak: 355 registered participants (from 14 different countries) of which 21 are women. In the form of equipment (3 riders per team) there are 6 teams entered.

• Goierriko 2 Haundiak: enrolled 500 participants (from 6 different countries) of which 37 are women.

Marimurumendi: enrolled 250 participants (from 4 different countries) of which 31 are women.

Given the 3 tests have runners from countries like Japan, China, United States, Mexico, Switzerland, Sweden, Venezuela, Belgium, Portugal, United Kingdom, France, Poland, Hungary, Denmark, Norway and Chile.

The number of volunteers continues to rise year after year, as example the 1500 volunteers who will help in this issue. As in previous years there will be bus service for further testing one place to another 5 special lines created for the event.

LIVE RACE TRACKING: A geolocalization system will be implemented for all runners to be tracked live at all times. To access it, just who wants to follow the race in this way must enter our website and the GeoLocator per each runner will be updated every 2 minutes, as long as the runner is within a mobile phone coverage area.

In addition, a giant screen will be placed outside the Beasain town hall to track the race live, complete with pictures from the most interesting places. This service shall also be available through our website.

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