Less than a month to close the enrolments!

The ninth edition of our races will be during the second weekend of July, on the 13, 14, 15 of July. This year we will also have our 3 races: ehunmilak ultra-Trail® (ehm), goierriko bi haundiak trail (g2h) and marimurumendi marathon (mmm).

The enrolments will close in less than a month! Wednesday, 6 June, will be the last day to enrol in any of our races. At this moment there is only the chance to enrol in the ehunmilak ultra-trail® (ehm) race, in its 2 categories: individually or by teams. This race will be the Ultra trail Championship of Euskal Herria and there are only 43 race bibs available. The enrolment of goierriko bi haundiak trail (g2h) and marimurumendi marathon (mmm) is full since the first day.

The enrolment can be done in this website www.kirolprobak.com

We remember to any runner of the 3 races, that they must deliver the medical and race fitness report before 6 June, otherwise the enrolment won’t be approved.