The sixth edition of our races will be held on the 10th, 11th and 12th July and that date is fast approaching.

In less than a month, on the 4th June, the registrations for this year’s races will close.

With two months to go until the races, the entries are as follows:

  • Ehunmilak ultratrail (EHM, 168km, 11.000m pos. ascent) 245 inscriptions out of 500.

  • Goierriko 2 Haundiak trail (G2H, 88km, 6.000m pos. ascent) 438 inscriptions out of 500.

  • Marimurumendi Marathon (MMM, 42km, 2.300m pos. ascent) 96 inscriptions out of 250.

Furthermore, please remember that this year the Goierriko 2 Haundiak is The Basque Country Ultratrail Championship.

Department of Media and Communications, Ehunmilak ultratrail