It is well known about the complementary nature of water and sport. Our body consists of about 70% water.

Water with a proper and balanced chemical composition will help us improve our performance and recovery. That is where the synergy between Alzola Basque Water and the Ultratrail ehunmilak project lies

For a Basque person, why is Alzola Basque Water the best in the world?

  • It is mineral natural water, free of humans’ pollutants, which one does not get from tap water.
  • It is closely related to our ancestors’ identity that we proudly carry within ourselves.
  • It has the most balanced chemical composition on the market.
  • Alzola Basque Water is an exceptional cleanser of our body (kidneys, pancreas, liver, urinary system, but to name a few), due to its chemical composition.
  • The transportation of water is expensive, for both you and for those around you; therefore it is best to consume the mineral water close to its source.

Alzola Basque Water and ehunmilak have features that are both in common and complementary:

  • Origin: they are two Basque projects, open to the world and working to spread our culture and our customs.
  • Long distance: it is proven that Alzola Basque Water takes 20-25 years to emerge after a long journey from the rock of Izarraitz. Ehunmilak also covers a long distance, 168 kilometres from leaving Beasain then covering five regions of Gipuzkoa and arriving back in Beasain.
  • Consistency: the chemical composition of the Alzola Basque Water is stable. That stability originates from its good quality, as is the case of the ehunmilak participants.

Therefore, we encourage you to do sports and make Alzola Basque Water the drink of your choice!!!