We have adapted the distances and elevations of the races included in the ehunmilak project.

Despite the time since the last edition, the members of the ehunmilak organization are still working to improve the project. Now that there is little left to open the registrations, we want to publish a piece of news that will be of general interest.

The results of the surveys received in the past years have shown doubts on the distance and elevation of the races that are included in the project. Therefore, in recent years we have carried out an analysis of the different tracks using different devices. Subsequently, all the information has been analyzed and verified by a topographer. Finally, taking into account the existing deviations, we have decided to adjust numbers.

Consequently, the race lengths and elevations are as follows:

  • ehunmilak Ultra-Trail® (171km / D+ 10.500m).
  • goierriko 2 haundiak trail (90km / D+ 5.500m). 
  • marimurumendi marathon (42km / D+ 2.300m).


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