• The 13th edition of ehunmilak will be held on 12, 13 and 14 July 2024
  • This is a unique race, in which you cross two natural parks (Aralar and Aizkorri-Aratz) and no less than 30 towns. One more year, there is the chance to take part in the three classic races: ehunmilak Ultra-Trail® (The hundred miles, with 171km / D+ 10.500m), goierriko 2 haundiak trail (The two great peaks of Goierri, with 90km / D+ 5.500m) and marimurumendi marathon (42km / D+ 2.300m).
  • Number of participants in the 3 races (total of 1450 participants).
    • ehunmilak Ultra-Trail® (171km) → 550 participants (individually / teams)
    • goierriko 2 haundiak trail (90km) → 550 participants
    • marimurumendi marathon (42km) → 350 participants
  • ehunmilak Ultra-Trail® (ehm)
    • Chance to participate individually or in teams (3 participants)
    • Is a qualifying race for the “Hardrock 100 mile endurance run”, which takes place in Colorado (USA).
  • goierriko 2 haundiak trail (g2h)
    • Fourth and the last scoring race for Euskal Herriko ultra cup 2024.
  • The rules and regulations of the races are updated on the web. It is important to read the regulations well before registering to avoid misunderstandings.


For more information: www.ehunmilak.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EhunmilakUltratrailG2h/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ehunmilakg2

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ehunmilak_ultratrail/

Contact:  inskripzioak@ehunmilak.com / ehunmilakultratrail@gmail.com

Official hashtag: #ehunmilak24

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