• The 11th edition of ehunmilak will be held on 8, 9 and 10 July 2022. The organization committee is actively working on the organization of the three races of the ehunmilak project.
  • After two very hard years for everybody, it’s time to run again together throughout Goierri. The starting line of Beasain, with an overflowing main square, and the goosebumps after the aurresku, the human corridor of Larraitz in the middle of the night, the txalaparta at the Txindoki… And above all, those 1,600 volunteers and that audience that will never ever let you run alone in these mountains.
  • This is a unique race, in which you cross two natural parks (Aralar and Aizkorri-Aratz) and no less than 30 towns. One more year, there is the chance to take part in the three classic races: ehunmilak Ultra-Trail (The hundred miles, with 168k / D+11.000m), goierriko bi haundiak trail (The two great peaks of Goierri, with 88k / D+6.000m) and marimurumendi marathon (42k / D+2.300m).
  • The number of participants for each race is:
    • ehunmilak → 515 participants (individual and team category).
    • g2h → 515 participants.
    • mmm → 265 participants.
  • In order to maintain the level of this event, enrolment prices for this 11th edition have risen by 5%. It should be taken into account that the enrolment prices of our races have only risen once since the creation of the project. The organisation has been growing year after year and the resources offered to the runners have been expanding, so that in the next edition the prices of enrolments will have a small increase, always with the aim of returning the support to the runner.
  • The enrolment process will be conducted in the same way as in 2020: ehunmilak directly; and with a more staggered enrolment for g2h and mmm


  • The 3 races regulations are updated on the web with some modifications.



For more information: www.ehunmilak.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EhunmilakUltratrailG2h/

Twitter: @ehunmilakg2

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ehunmilak_ultratrail/

Contact: ehunmilakultratrail@gmail.com

Phone contact: 676180690 (Iñaki)

Official hashtag: #ehunmilak22