The seventh edition of the Ehunmilak ultratrail will take place in July, 8-10 2016

At the meeting hold this week among the organizing committee and the heads of the volunteers’ teams of Ehunmilak, it has been decided to organize the seventh Ehunmilak ultratrail. This new edition will take place from July, 8th until July, 10th 2016.

The support of our sponsors and the commitment of volunteers have been indispensable conditions once again to make this possible. Ehunmilak wouldn´t be understood and wouldn´t be possible, without the presence of these two mainstays. Once these requirements had been satisfied, it was agreed to organize a new edition in 2016.

We will offer 3 challenges in this edition: Ehunmilak ultratrail (168km, 11000m D+), Goierriko 2 Haundiak trail (88km, 6000m D+), Marimurumendi marathon (42km, 2300m D+).

The enrollment will be opened in this website

You will make Ehunmilak 2016 possible. We share a goal: to get you to the finish line enjoying our race as much as you can.