As you will participate in ehunmilak (ehm) or in goierriko2haundiak (g2h) we are offering the possibility to follow your race via SMS, providing the information about the position and the times of your passage through the control points.
Tracking via SMS will cost 2 € per terminal (phone number) for ehm and 1 € for g2h (limited to a maximum of 2 phone numbers for runner). In order to use this service, you will need to register your phone numbers using the application that will be launched on our website (


The deadline for registering/modifying phone numbers will be June 30. Subscription to this service will be made at the time of collection of the race bib, at a point that will be duly marked in the race bib collection point.
ATTENTION. Control-point tracking service registrations shall not be made at the race bib collection point. Only requests to change previously subscribed phone numbers will be attended. #ehunmilak17