From the 2020th edition onwards, ehunmilak Ultra-Trail®, goierriko2haundiak and the marimurumendi marathon WILL NOT BE QUALIFIABLE for UTMB®.

ehunmilak was born from the dream of a runner who travelled to Chamonix 14 years ago to run in a very unknown race. Such was his admiration for that race that he came back home to organize a similar race in the mountains he ran and enjoyed. After 2 years of hard work, ehunmilak Ultra-Trail® and goierriko2haundiak were born.

The objectives and realities of the 2 events were not similar since the beginning, but the organizing committee of ehunmilak Ultra-Trail® has always been very aware of what the mirror was to look at, as UTMB® like the most important ultra discipline race.

However, the philosophy of our organizing team has always been the same: make a race by and for the runner. We dedicate all our efforts and financial resources, until the last €, in the runner, to offer you a race of excellent quality and safety. As a sign of this, for example, we offer free GPS tracking of the participants, free transport for the companions or the complete medical report, including a resting electrocardiogram, so we provide a fast and efficient attention to the runner in the race. To do this, we have the invaluable financial help from local, and regional businesses, from institutions, such as the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa and the Basque Government, and thousands of people who, with their selfless collaboration, have made this race be what it is today.

We will follow admiring UTMB®, its participants, environment and its public, but we simply believe that our main objectives have moving farther from the UTMB® philosophy, which has motivated us not to be qualifiable for Chamonix.

About ITRA points, our races WILL CONTINUE giving points.